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UPDATE JUNE 2016: Hackney have launched a survey asking what people think about the evening and night-time economy. They will use the results to decide what new rules for pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants should be. Make sure you have your say by completing the survey – it only takes a minute. Thank you!

Click here to take Hackney Council’s survey.

The story so far…

We are a group of Hackney residents and businesses who believe that Hackney is the most exciting borough in the greatest city in the world.

In August 2015, thousands of us we rallied to tell Hackney Council that its licensing consultation did not represent the views of all the borough’s residents. Just as the 24 hour tube arrived in London, Hackney Council wanted to take us back to opening hours of the 1980s.  They said that new clubs and music venues in Dalston were “not considered appropriate”, and wanted to stop new venues opening at all in Shoreditch.

Our response argued that the vibrant local nightlife and cultural scene is not a nuisance – but one of the reasons many of us choose to live here.  Hackney Council listened and withdrew their consultation, saying they wanted to “listen further to all voices and opinions”.

Please continue to write to your local councillor and join our campaign and continue to show Hackney Council that we all want the same thing – a vibrant, sustainable, thriving place to live and work.  For more information, email press@welovehackney.org.


Join The Campaign

While Hackney Council formally withdrew the consultation last year, we need to make sure Hackney Council continue to hear from the many thousands of us who think that a vibrant nightlife and cultural scene is part of Hackney’s cultural, social and economic fabric.

Remember, when the licensing consultation is re-introduced, every councillor in Hackney votes on the council’s final plans – so let’s make sure they know our views!

So while the council are reviewing the licensing consultation, we want to ensure they still know we’re still here and we want Hackney to remain a vibrant borough for all its residents and visitors.  So like we did during the campaign, it’s very easy – just follow the instructions below and add your name and postcode.  If you have time, please try and put in your own words what you love about Hackney what you would like to see in the new license – and what Hackney means to you.  Your personal story, in your own words, is really valuable for your councillor to hear.

We will continue to forward your emails and also add you to our supporters mailing list so we can keep you updated on the campaign when it reignites again.  You can choose to leave this list any any time.

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The Facts

In Autumn 2015, this is what Hackney Council proposed:

Across the whole borough:

  • A new “borough-wide hours policy”, setting out the times Hackney will expect all licensed venues to close.
  • Pubs, bars, drinking/dining establishments, music/dance venues, theatres and cinemas will be expected to close at 11pm Sunday to Thursday, and midnight at weekends.
  • Restaurants will be allowed to open an hour later. Takeaways will be expected to close at 11pm or midnight, depending on their location.

In Dalston (including Stoke Newington Road and Kingsland Road):

  • Nightclubs and dance venues are “not considered appropriate”.
  • New pubs, bars or other drinking/dining establishments will not be allowed to open after 11pm Sunday to Thursday or midnight at weekends.
  • Venues with “a large capacity” or that are outdoors will not be allowed at all.

In Shoreditch:

  • Extending the Shoreditch “Special Policy Area”, within which no new licenses can be granted except in exceptional circumstances. This policy “is to be strictly applied”.
  • You can read the council’s consultation here, and tell them what you think about their plans here.

Why does this still matter?

  • Hackney Council will return in a few months with an updated licensing consultation, and until then they will be consulting all residents of the borough to gain their views – and we need to tell them now, as much as ever, what kind of Hackney we all want to live in.

And Remember…

  • Hackney has an international reputation as a fun and happening place to live and work.. Vogue magazine ranked Hackney within the top 15 coolest neighbourhoods in the world – above districts in both Berlin and Beijing. This reputation has brought investment, jobs and culture – improving the lives of Hackney citizens.
  • The night time economy supports the day time economy. Creative businesses have chose to locate themselves in East London because our city’s best bars, clubs and places to eat are right on the doorstep. Whether it’s the best music, food or fashion – often it started life in Hackney. This has created new, exciting opportunities for young Londoners. If we shut down the night time economy, the day time economy suffers too.
  • This year the tube will start to run for 24 hours. Hackney is uniquely placed to take advantage of London’s status as 24 hour city. But what’s the point in a 24 hour tube if everything else is closed? Labelling music and dance venues “not considered appropriate”, and expecting people go home at 11pm, sends out a disastrous message that isn’t true to the borough.

Where can I find out more?

Have a look at our press coverage below.  If you agree,  at anytime, please help us by writing to the council to tell them what you think.

For all press enquiries please contact press@welovehackney.org